Sunday, February 21, 2010

PA trip

Last weekend Tom and i joined my mother in a trip to Guys Mill, PA to spend some time with Marie, Brandon, Patrick, Kipp, Stuart and Christopher. They boys have agreed to be our wedding musicians, and we are pretty excited about that. At this point we do not plan to have any "canned" (pre recorded) music. We are also having very little in the way of vocals, which is different than we had originally planned. I am finding that a lot of things about planning a wedding change and adjust as we go :)

We left on Friday evening, drove 6 hours (much longer with stops along the way!) and arrived in Guys Mill after 3 am. I had the privilege of sleeping on the top bunk, something I have not done since college.

Marie makes Apple Pie for Spoiled Tom
Tom repaid the favor by making Fried Rice

Christopher, Kipp & Stuart
Mom is making a table cloth for the guest book table
Stuart's hand
Brandon plays a little music
The ladies having some coffee
Note that my mom is still working on that tablecloth
Also note the leftover fried rice on the table :)
Stuart is an excellent pianist
Roadside Art in Meadeville

We had a great time in PA and it was great to spend some quality time with Marie and her family. She is a very special aunt! I haven't got to spend a lot of time with "the boys" over the last few years, its great to see them grow into young men. (I'm proud to call them family)