Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Set Up

We did a lot of set up for the wedding - The smartest thing we did was start on Thursday morning - it made for a much less stressful day prior to the wedding. I knew that it would take a lot of help from friends and family, but i was humbled by all the time and effort that others put into our wedding day. A special thanks to our family, friends and bridal party for making this day happen.

The wedding set up was quite extensive, especially at the reception hall. It started out with a trailor and two car loads full of supplies and decorations.
Then came the unloading of the car - here are the bridesmaid bags being taken upstairs
here we are with several bridesmaids, groomsmen, father of the bride - the topic of discussion: lighting!!

putting curtains onto rods - yes, mom made curtains for the windows!

hanging the curtains

Nolan and Kevin

I designed the programs and we put them together

here is the finished product - hand stamped and ribbon bound

taking a much needed break -  dad and the musicians

mom, begging me to let her do something i didn't like. Probably trying to convince me the pew bows were a good idea...

so as to not be confused by who sits where...

More to come, but probably not for a few days - we are off to a short honeymoon trip tomorrow followed by an open house/reception in my home town, Arthur IL on Saturday

Family Fun

I am now Mrs. Choy. The cards are still Schrock, the identification is still Schrock, the bank thinks i'm a Schrock, but really, I'm a Choy! This has been an amazing week, starting off with meeting Tom's immidiate family and then introducing them to some of my extended family. We all had a wonderful time and I was informed by more than one aunt that I am luck and blessed in my in-laws. I agree!!

There are wedding pictures on facebook and there will be more here, but this blog will focus on our families and the pre wedding family introduction... Jo & JD offered to host dinner for Tom's family when they came to Nappanee from Indianapolis on Wednesday - we had a wonderful time!

Introducing Tom's Parents to my Parents and Grandma

The Bachlor Beard became a Gotee - Dad and Tom had a bonding moment
Hahahaaa... We love to laugh!
Congradulating Randy on this Baseball talents

Showing off Aunt Jo's garden

Teaching Michelle to pick strawberry's

I think they got confused - we're the newlyweds!!

Dispite my threats of bodily harm to any groomsman who breaks a bone or has a visable bruise...

The ladies

Psst... "Dori, I put a fake turtle by your mom... do you think she'll scream?"
She screamed :)

Aunt Jo with Joe & Lena