Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Second Year as Home Owners...

We have owned our home for two years! When we bought the house we posted pictures of the painting process but since then we haven't posted much about our home. (or posted much at all really... sorry about that!) There are still many things I would like to do with our home - like tear out the carpet and linolium and replace it with hardwood and tile. All in good time...

I thought an update would be nice, so i will start with the "living room". It was the one room on the first floor i wasn't sure what to do with. Its turned into a sitting room of sorts and not so much a living room. I am sure that this room as well as other rooms in the house will evloved over time. For now i wanted the living room to share a story of sorts. I wanted there to be some Chinese influence - that part isn't as dominate as i would like - its difficult to find nice accents in Indianapolis that fit... :)  Its a work in progress, but i like where its going. I need some things for the walls...

This view is taken standing near the front door of our house I have always loved the large squared shelf in the center of the room, but in this house it never found its place like it did in my apartments. We moved it into the living room and decided to fill it with things from our lives. I few of my favorites - the house on top is actually a card holder from our wedding. To the left of that is a picture Don took at our wedding. He custom painted the frame to compliment the picture and gave it to us when he visited in March. If you look closely in the shelf's squares you will see memento's from our wedding, craft projects, pictures of friends and family and pieces from here or there that we enjoy.

The nested shelves to the right of large large squared shelf - This is my favorite part of the living room - i stiched the beads on the lamp myself (they match the beads on the curtains, which my mom made for us) The dried flowers are the flower's Michelle carried at our wedding.

The table and chairs are borrowed from my mom, i'm hoping i can keep them for a long time :) On the table is the tea set from our tea ceremony.

The Library/Office

Originally this room was intended to be a dinning room. Tom and I decided to convert it into a library/office space. My dad made us the beautiful build in book shelves. I was startled to realize that once all the books were out of the boxes we had nearly filled our space! My mom made the window treatment and also covered the ikea chair with matching fabric. Tom installed the overhead light, which was part of last years birthday present.
I have always loved dogs, as has Tom. In the background are dog books, including 3 James Harriot books (thank you Aunt Karen for introducing me to this author many years ago) You will see that there is a leash and and neck tie on the shelf. Both belonged to Joe, who we miss very much.

Our library would not be complete without a tribute to space exploration - some of these items originated with Tom (like the Mercury figure and The Right Stuff book), however most of these items are mine - mementoes Tom has given me in honor of my love of the Apollo program and the Shuttle program.

Thanks for exploring a few rooms of our house with me!
In other, more important news - At long last tickets have been purchased for a trip to Malaysia/Singapore. We are soooo excited! Tom will be home for Christmas this year and i suspect i will get to meet a lot of family :)