Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Holy cow!

So we bought a house!  That's right, we're homeowners now.  Holy cow!  Although we've been running around it all day it really hasn't sunk in for us yet.  At the moment it's all surreal.  We're back in our respective apartments but out there there's a building that we actually own.  Best of all it's near Jen, Kevin and little Nolan so we'll get to see them a whole lot more often!

This house has been the answer to all of our prayers.  It's practically immaculate.  They left us the appliances, which were modern and in excellent condition.  They did all the repair the home inspector found.  Even the fireplace is clean!  We had looked into getting a three-bedroom house where we could raise a family and look for a larger house when the family grew, but with this house we'll never need to move.  And with the way the housing market has been this was a fantastic deal.
God had been really good to us throughout this process, even when He really didn't have to be during the time we were freaking out over the mortgage process.  The heart says to have faith but the brain says to freak out.  We had hoped and prayed that this would be one, and while we knew that God heard all our prayers but didn't always say "yes" to all of them, we were totally glad he gave us a resounding "yes!" to this!

So we just moved in a few boxes of stuff we knew we wouldn't be using, ordered a pizza from Monical's (if you haven't tried them you should) and a bottle of wine from Oliver.  Of course we were too excited to really do what we had planned, which was to sit down with the pizza and wine.  We wound up munching on the pizza at the kitchen counter while figuring out what should go where.  We looked in the back yard which was where I came face to face with the responsibilities of home ownership - the trees had started shedding - all six of them!  So shortly after it was off to Lowe's to buy what Dori called "man toys" - a rake and a leafblower.  I'm totally psyched about the leafblower.   I have to admit that I never really got why people got excited about going to home improvement stores but I miraculously got the gist of it the moment I stepped in there this evening.

All in all this has been an interesting three months - I had gotten engaged to a most wonderful woman; I discovered what i meant to be a fan of Dave Matthews Band, I had an almost near-death experience and lost my trusty ol' Civic in the process, then wound up with the car I had originally wanted all along, and now this - my head is still spinning. 

So we thought we'd just let y'all know - I'd write more but I'm simply exhausted.  The adrenaline and stress are finally starting to bleed off and my head's starting to hurt a little.  So I'm going to take an asprin, drink lots of water, and head off to bed while to dream of our life to come.

We'll see you there.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Cheese Festival - Arthur, IL

Welcome to Arthur, IL. Its my hometown and I love going back to visit. Every year we have the cheese festival. The main street and several side streets are closed down and food/craft venders fill the street. For the last several years my mom has set up a booth at the cheese festival to sell Longaberger products, so i usually go home to hang out and help out. This year was the first time i took Tom home for the festival. He had never been to a festival quite like this one and it was fun to see it through his eyes. Tom played photo journalist for the weekend and took some fantastic pictures...

Cheese Festival Mascots

Live Music

Note - my mother in the background... dad is BUSTED!

hello handsome

double trouble

its a lion puppy!!!!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Irish Festival - Indianapolis, IN

I love irish pubs and irish culture, so i was really excited about the irish festival! We went with some great friends and had a nice time enjoying the perfect weather and all the great sites and sounds.

Lets start with dessert... blackberry cobbler with ice cream anyone??

Auntie Laura Beth and Baby Nolan

Mommy Jen and Baby Nolen
He did so good at his very first festival!

dogs!! I love dogs!

Giant Dogs!! (Irish Wolfhounds)


Dori Lunch
Corned Beef and Swiss on Marble Rye

Tom Lunch
Steak Sandwich with Carmelized Onion

Irish Dancers

Cute kid in kilt

Monday, September 14, 2009

just a few pics

Just a fun pic i took downtown
Look close,
Its a reflection from across the street

Crash likes roses

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I'm finishing off the weekend by reflecting on our peaceful Saturday. Tom and I both enjoy reading and the outdoors, so we decided to spend the afternoon at broadripple park enjoying the weather and a good book. We, err, I should say Tom, fixed a huge stack of sandwiches and a picnic basket full of other goodies. Now I think I will take this moment to point out that my dear Thomas still has a few, shall we say... bachelor, tendencies. I arrived in the kitchen to find him packing the freshly made sandwiches. The man was SMASHING the sandwiches into the container. I believe this was so that they would fit. He clearly stated that this makes the sandwiches chewier and thus tastier. I don't think I buy this... Anyway, the sandwiches were yummy and the day was wonderful. We also saw District 9, which was very intense and thought provoking. Think aliens and social justice. Odd, but interesting.


Our wedding date, after a bit of debate, is official....

June 19, 2010!!!
Goshen, Indiana

Its gonna be a fun celebration!!

~ Dori ~