Friday, August 21, 2015

I can haz moar adopshun paperworkz?

So in the last three weeks, we've made several trips to the post office, filled forms, scanned stuff, translated stuff, fundraised, made bank trips, paid fees, and filled more forms.

And after we filled in our I-600As and sent that out along with our homestudy....nothing's happening. That's because there's nothing we can do at this point but wait.

In fact, since doing all that stuff's been our whole life's focus for the past few months, we've suddenly become bored. We lasted a week before we ended up emailing our adoption agency for stuff to do. Compiling our dossier's next, and LifeLine will send that once all the pieces are in place. So for now, we're just taking a little time off to relax (or as some people call it, enjoying your last moments as people with no kids). So anyway we're doing hobby stuff, like coloring or building model planes again, with a little housework and rest thrown in.

One thing's for sure. In the past few weeks, we've been incredibly humbled by the generosity of the people around us, even from people who don't really know us. It's an incredible feeling to know that people are enough to take the time to attend our fundraisers, and to open their hearts (and checkbooks) to help us bring our kiddo home. God is indeed good to us.