Saturday, February 7, 2015

So we've got a little announcement (no, we're not pregnant)

So we've been keeping it on the down-low, but since we're slowly creeping along on this, we might as well make an announcement that we're going to be adopting. We don't have a lot of specifics yet, but the plan is to adopt from Kyrgyzstan (a small country south of Kazakhstan, with China to the east and Russia to the west), preferable a little girl, toddler. Age and gender aren't a guarantee, though while we're really enamored with the concept of having a little girl, in the end we'd still be delighted if we had a boy. Tom just wants to have a little daughter to push Jen and Kevin's kids around and dress up as Princess Leia at cons. 

Tom's even gone as far as designing a logo for our effort...pretty neat eh?

You can thank God that Kazakhstan is still closed to adoptions - Tom wanted to use Borat as a mascot and had started nicknaming our yet-adopted child "Little Borat."

So what's next? We have submitted our application to an adoption agency to indicate our intent to adopt, have spoken to them a few times, paid up a few fees, and we have just submitted our application to have an adoption homestudy conducted and we'll be meeting up with a social worker to be interviewed soon. We're both nervous and excited about this next step...once that goes through we're officially on the road to adoption, along with all the additional paperwork, fees, interviews, more fees, background checks, travel, meetings, even more paperwork, etc.

How can you help? A couple of ways. Some of you who've known us for a while might be recruited as references. We'll also need money - lots of it (sadly, adoptions are really expensive, and if they were cheaper more kids would get adopted but then again, this weeds out all but the most serious people), that we'll be trying to put aside in the form of fundraisers, garage sales, donations, etc. Finally - and most importantly - your prayers and support. Not many people can do this alone, and we hope that you can be a part of bringing our little bundle of joy home.

Anyway that's about it for now. We'll have more details later!

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  1. I am so excited for you both and cannot wait to watch you as you go on this journey! This has been such a long awaited desired for both of you and we will be whatever you need from us!!!